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   Apr 01

ENGLISH 8 – 1.2/2.1

HOMEWORK: Due Wed/Thurs

  1. Character Pkg #1package collection AND  test. Review all your narrative & poetry terms. Review both stories and all the worksheets. Use your notebook and questions you’ve done to help. Make sure you know the main elements of both stories and the worksheets in the package. Watch the videos from the previous post to help!
  2. Character Pkg #2 – 
    1. The Day the Sun Came Out” – do Qs #1-13 on a separate piece of paper
  3. Chanie project – will be collected by the end of this week!!
  4. I will be seeing the following students AFTER SCHOOL on Tuesday (and until they complete their work) for their “I Am” metaphor poem:
    1. Block 1.2 – Yuvraj, Christine, Jezreel, Shaheema
    2. Block 2.1- Jade

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