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   May 23

ENGLISH 10 – 1.1/1.2

HOMEWORK: Due Friday

  1. If you’re going to be absent on Friday – Dragon boating or other – MAKE SURE you pass on your work to your group members!
  2. BOOK RETURN! Haseeb x 2, Alyssa, Princess, Katelyn.  TKAM – Chelsea, Katelyn, Josh C., Gabriel R., Elias.
  3. The Metaphor” – for each of your 6 quotes, your group needs a quote sandwich. Divide up the quotes between your group members & write a quote sandwich on a separate piece of paper.  
  4. Here are the videos on using quotations —> Quote Sandwich technique  AND How to Integrate Quotes
  5. Here’s the PDF of the story —> “The Metaphor” – B. Wilson — If you didn’t finish finding the quotes you need, problem solve!  Find the quotes, do the quote sandwiches, bring everything to class, then fill in whatever you didn’t complete.

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