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   May 17

ENGLISH 10 -1.1/1.2


  1. Full, detailed list of information about Mother & Miss Hancock from —> “The Metaphor” – B. Wilson — For those who were absent, you need to read the story & take notes on the two characters.
  2. Follow the steps from the Compare & Contrast pkg Handout – make a list, choose the most important aspects/ideas for each character, categorize them (Think STEAL), pick the 3 best categories, put them in a logical order.
  3. Fill in the two outline worksheets – Block & Point by Point – BUT ONLY the body paragraphs (not the intro or conclusions).  Remember the information is EXACTLY the same, only the organization is different. SO the categories you choose to discuss for Mom & Miss Hancock will be the same regardless of which type of compare & contrast structure you do.
  4. IF YOU WERE ABSENT, you MUST see me ASAP to get a HANDOUT, so you can complete the homework. SEE ME ON TUESDAY! DO NOT wait until class.

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