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   Apr 25

ENGLISH 10 -1.1/1.2

HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday

  1. TKaMALL Qs & Vocab – go through and note the questions/vocab you don’t understand.  I will go over anything YOU ASK about.
  2. Character Compare &Contrast worksheet–  fill in the back side IN PENCIL.  Look at your brainstorm ideas.  Eliminate ideas that are minor or irrelevant, group ideas that are similar together, and then label or name them. Think of the STEAL categories- ex. How they treat other, their values/beliefs, etc. Choose the best 3 categories and write them into the arrows on the other side. Then fill in the boxes with details. Example:  Calpurnia & Atticus- Both have similar VALUES in the arrow in the middle. Then in the each character’s column, I’d write details about how their values are similar.
  3. TKaM – novel test – Thursday

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