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   Apr 06

ENGLISH 8 – 1.3/2.3

HOMEWORK: Due Mon/Tues

  1. LP #31 & #32 Pt. A,C,E,G,I – practice your verb tenses, so you can understand how to use them properly in your paragraphs
  2. Mary Paragraph Exercise – finish the exercise we started in class with the paragraph I wrote.  Find & mark all the elements according to the instructions
  3. Notebook: p. 42-43 -3rd “Building Bridges” Character Paragraph – for the 3rd draft focus on the following: transitions, vocabulary, sentences, punctuation, verb tense, AND make sure you used quotes properly.  Here’s the video to help —>  Quote Sandwich technique
  4. Character Pkg TEST – next week – Thurs/Fri – review ALL of your terms (flashcards) and review the 2 stories.  Most of what you need to use will be in your notebooks like your story summary map sheets.

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