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   Feb 27

ENGLISH 9 – 2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Wednesday

  1. The Pedestrian” – finish what we started in class – use your answers to the questions for help.  THEMES are important, you should have at least 2-3.  Rising Action & Falling Action are just the MAIN events leading up to and after the climax.
  2. Group #2Class Poster – you need to come up with ideas for our poster – what is this story showing/telling us about the future that’s both GOOD (utopia) and BAD (dystopia).  What is it saying about society, culture, relationships, justice, transportation, hobbies, etc – the same categories you used for your utopia/dystopia worksheet.
  3. Journal #3 – “The Pedestrian” – Using your own experience & knowledge AND our class results, do you think a future like the one in the story is possible?  EXPLAIN why/why not with at least 2-3 points + supporting details (PEE on it).  Use the Journal Structure sheet you were given to PLAN and write your journal. (class resultsTV = ONLY a max. 8 ppl watch 5 hrs TV/week; INTERNET– 18 ppl = 5 hrs/week, 16 ppl = 6-10 hrs/week, 10 ppl = 11-15hrs AND 3 ppl =16+ hrs on the internet/week)
  4. Watch & listen to the following 2 videos – consider what each one is saying about technology (TV) and society.  How do they connect with the story?  You will be asked to share your ideas with the class next time. Springsteen – “57 Channels & Nothing On” AND G. S. Heron “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”
  5. AND BONUS!! Here’s a TV episode (ironic) of the NEXT STORY“The Murderer” TV Episode R. Bradbury Theater
  6. I will see many of you WED after school with paper & pens to rewrite what you need to rewrite.  Start rebuilding & regaining trust & your reputation.

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