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   Feb 23

ENGLISH 9 – 2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Monday

  1. The Pedestrian” – read, Do ALL Qs, prep for reading quiz
  2. Group #1 – “The Veldt” – add to our class poster – What is the story showing/discussing/describing about technology that would go under Utopia & Dystopia (ex. Family/relationship, Living – entertainment, communication, transportation, etc.)
  3. I have marked all of the 3 written responses that were assigned (Book review, movie review, Why is Critical Thinking Important response), and I have found MANY that were plagiarized.  As I stated in class, not only is this dishonest, it is also disrespectful. BUT because this is school and school is about LEARNING, I am giving you the opportunity to LEARN from this mistake/bad choice.  IF YOU CHOOSE TO LEARN FROM THIS ERROR IN JUDGEMENT, you MUST HAVE A REPLACEMENT WRITTEN RESPONSE IN TO ME (my box in the office) by Friday, Feb. 24th by 2pm! You can submit any of your responses that you cheated on.  This is your ONE opportunity to take ownership for your error, to show that you are a mature student who respects yourself and me and who values your education.  This is your ONE opportunity to MAKE AMENDS before I have to take further action. What is plagiarism? and What is Plagiarism – In depth
  4. Links to the Book review & movie review template —-> How to Write a Book Review

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