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   Feb 17

ENGLISH 9 – 2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Monday

  1. The Veldt” – Reading Quiz, Qs #1-5, (pencil) Story Map
  2. Here’s the video I wanted you to watch and a link to the lyrics – read the lyrics AND watch the music video –> The Veldt” – Deadmaus AND “The Veldt” Lyrics
  3. Utopia/Dystopia worksheet – be creative, be thoughtful, REALLY imagine all the science-fiction possibilities.  You can use ideas that came up in class, ideas you’ve read or seen, or just ideas you came up with.  Remember this is FOR MARKS, so make sure I can understand it & that it makes sense.
  4. Narrative Terms – keep studying – and here are some more helpful videos —> AllusionsDynamic vs Flat Characters,  Character & Characterization
  5. PS. Many of Ray Bradbury stories were made broadcast on “Ray Bradbury Theatre“.  Here’s a link to TV version of —> “The Veldt”

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