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   Dec 12

ENGLISH 9 – 2.4


  1. Values pkg – Read & highlights & do Qs #1-2 – “Should you be rewarded for effort?”
  2. Journal #4 – in an INformal (double space & use pen, but don’t worry about structure) response consider what you think – do you agree with Confucius that only the end result matters?  Or do you agree more with E. Dickinson that effort & trying is more important?  Use the reading & Qs to help you come up with your opinion.  Consider yourself too!  Are there things that just come easy to you and others that you have to put in a lot of effort for a limited result?  Should you be marked or rewarded for how hard you work?
  3. Now use your ideas in your INformal journal to fill in the Paragraph Structure sheet.  Write in a topic sentence (ts) and supporting details (PEE) like we practice in LP.  Make sure your ts is clear and states your topic and make sure your PEE supports your ts.
  4. We will be debating/discussing this topic next class, so make sure you have an opinion and good reasons why you believe what you believe!

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