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   Dec 09

ENGLISH 10 – 1.3/1.4

HOMEWORK: Due Friday

The following 27 students, yes 27, have not handed in their GOOD COPY Little Prince responses. You are all REQUIRED to attend our after school sessions.


Block 1.4 – Van Allen, Kemuel, Kabir, Leandro, Enrique, Trisha, Rosh, Aman, Angel, Lester, Nathan.

Block 1.3 – Ryan, Priya, Gavin, Nathan, Vincent, Maaz, Manik, Adrian, Raniya, Sarfaraz, Jomar, Shyla, Sitthinon, Shayan, Lakhan, Amita.

As I told you several times, EVERYONE is going to complete this assignment.  Not only did we spend 2 classes watching the movie, but then we also spent at least 2 classes working on the written responses.

EVERYONE is capable of completing it, and I will not let ANYONE give up on this or themselves.  It’s my Christmas present to all of you! 🙂

So see you ALL on MONDAY and TUESDAY after school!!

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