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   Sep 29

ENGLISH 11 – 1.2/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Mon/Tues

  1. Please note that because of the Pro-D, Block 2.2 has more time, but also more homework to do in order to catch up.
  2. Block 2.2 – Miss Brill Qs, story notes, reading quiz – etc. from last post – watch the video – make connections — “Brick by Boring Brick”
  3. Both blocksJournal #2 – Empathy 1st POV – “ Miss Brill” – write a journal as if you were Miss Brill when she gets home after the park or within a week or two after the story ends.  Using your understanding of her character, consider what just happened, how she would feel, what she would do, and how she lives her life. FIRST PERSON POV.  Become her & write from her perspective.
  4. Block 1.2 – Pre-test corrections



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