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   Sep 29

ENGLISH 10 – 1.3/1.4

HOMEWORK: Due Monday

  1. LP – has arrive, we will be starting it.  Otello field trip for m & $16
  2. Lit Circle sheets #1-3 – catch up! Most of next class will be Lit Circle discussion time
  3. Narrative Terms – pre-test
  4. Journal #3 – Discuss how much your race/ethnicity impacts your identity.  
  5. Watch the videos before you write your journal.  Maybe they will give you more to think or write about.  How much does race matter? Click here —> What is Privilege? —>  Doll Test —>Slam Poem-  “White Boy Privilege”  —> USA – police shootings —> How Privileged Are You test – gender, race, education, etc.

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