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   Sep 27

ENGLISH 10 – 1.3/1.4


  1. LP $ & Field trip forms & $16!
  2. “So What Are You, Anyway?” – read, highlight, do Qs – reading quiz
  3. Lit Circle #3 sheet for “So What Are You, Anyway?”
  4. Finish Journal #2 – Gender – Discuss how much your gender/sex impacts your identity? Discuss the advantages & disadvantages of your sex/gender.  Don’t just list, explain with examples.  Intro/body/conclusion, double spaced, in pen, about 250-300  words.
  5. Study Narrative Terms
  6. Here are a few videos to get you thinking about privilege & identity –> What is privilege?  –> “White Boy Privilege” Slam Poem —> 

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