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   Oct 16

ENGLISH 11 -2.1/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Friday NIGHT – Chp. 3- Chapter 3 Audio Qs & start chart Vocab Journal #2 – Pack Up Quiz chp #1-3 – Tues Remembrance Day video project – Find a quote about ANY war and/or conflict that resonates with you Explain WHY you chose it and why you think it’s important for OTHERS […]

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   Oct 01

ENGLISH 11 – 2.1/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Thurs Elie Wiesel intro sheet – see previous post for links Good copy “First they came for…” poem – make sure you make it visually appealing so as to attract an audience. Consider fonts, colours, pics, shapes, etc. Name & block on the back. Historical Context handout – read/highlight Very short videos to […]

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   Sep 25

ENGLISH 11- 1.1/2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Wed/Mon BLOCK 1.1 – Martin Niemoller – read, highlight, do ALL questions – note form – especially #10 – 15 responsibilities¬†AND start to think of ideas for your poem – read the info and example ideas on the last page. BLOCK 2.4 – “First¬† They Came…” – good copy of your version of […]

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