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   Nov 08

ENGLISH 10 – 2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday TKAM – Chp, 8-9 Qs Chp. 8 Summary & Analysis Chp 9 – Summary & Analysis Activity Response Journal: Pen, min. 1/2 page single spaced (if double spaced, then write double!). In paragraph form, discuss the following questions in respose to the first pair-reading activity we did with Mr. Hamar’s class: What […]

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   Nov 16

ENGLISH 10 – 1.4/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Mon/Tues LP– All 4 Review pages INCLUDING paragraph writing “The Bear That Wasn’t” – Q#7 – Paragraph response “Where I’m From” – watch the following 2 videos & on the poem sheet, list some ideas you could use for your own version of the poem  Video of poem —> “Where I’m From”   Student Example “Where […]

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