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   Sep 24

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3


  1. LP $15 & Notebook
  2. Notebook:
    1. Leave 1st page, both sides, blank – skip it. This will be the Table of Contents. We will set it up together next class.
    2. Next page = p.1 at the bottom AND is the title page: My Values & Code of Conduct
    3. BACK of p. 1 = p.2 at the bottom AND skip it, leave it blank, we will be sticking a worksheet here
    4. Next page = p. 3 at the bottom AND is  BRAINSTORM VALUES – brainstorm a list (as many as possible) of YOUR personal values
      1. Now that we’ve discussed what values could be and what are should be for class, consider what you think are important personal values for yourself: your personal code of conduct
      2. Also brainstorm WHY for each of the values
      3. Here are some videos that might help you brainstorm about your values – 
        1. What are Values?
        2. Values, Beliefs, Attitudes Defined
        3. What are Personal Core Values?

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