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   Sep 13

ENGLISH 8 – 1.2/2.3

HOMEWORK: Due Mon/Tues/Wed

  1. Language Power workbook – $15 – we will be using a grammar workbook that you can purchase from me or on your own. It costs $15. You can bring the money in ASAP or purchase it because we will be beginning it in a week or so
  2. Block 1.2
    1. Bio-poem – Rough Draft – choose the BEST ideas to describe yourself from your brainstorm, then write them on the lines. Use the example to help you.
    2. Flashcards – 6 Character Terms: Protagonist, Antagonist, Round, Flat, Static, Dynamic. If you didn’t complete the 4 Setting flashcards, make sure you do those as well!
  3. Block 2.3 – 
    1. Bio-poem – fill in brainstorm sheet with as many ideas as you can 
    2. Flashcards – 4 Setting Terms: Time, Place, Mood, Tone

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