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   Sep 10

New Year’s Goal Writing

HOMEWORK: Due next class 

September is a type of “new years” for students: new classes, new teachers, new clothes, new opportunities. We will be starting the year with some goal writing so you have a focus for the first part of the year, something you’re moving towards achieving.

  1. SMART GoalsSpecific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely – ensure your goals follow what I shared in class about SMART goals
  2. You need to decide upon 3 academic goals (in your classes), 3 extra-curricular goals (at school, but not in classes – like clubs and sports), and 3 personal goals (outside of school – like health, finance, social, personal interests, etc.)
  3. You need to explain why EACH of the 9 goals you choose are important to YOU. Be clear and honest.
  4. This is an intro writing sample. It DOES NOT need to be formal, but it should have some structure and show me some of your basic writing skills.
  5. You need to write a TOTAL of 3 paragraphs, one for each type of goal. 
  6. You do not have to type this up, but if you wish to, you’re welcome to. Regardless of whether you are writing or typing, it should be DOUBLE SPACED, in PEN or TYPED.

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