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   Feb 27

ENGLISH 8 – 1.2/2.1

HOMEWORK: Due Wed/Thurs

  1. Goalsread, reflect (what did you achieve, what didn’t you? Why or why not?), reset (what goals do you want to focus on until June – 2 academic, 2 extra-curricular, 2 personal AND WHY), rewrite -TYPED! Due Fri/Mon
  2. Character Pkg – Metaphor practice sheets
    1. What cause or issue would you be willing to “fight” for?
    2. “Dreams” – poem Qs
    3. Creating Imagery sheet
    4. Love-ly Lines
    5. Making Metaphors
    6. Make it Solid
  3. Here are some helpful videos
    1. Similes & Metaphors Explained
    2. Metaphors for Kids
    3. TedEd: The Art of the Metaphor

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