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   Feb 11

ENG 11


  1. The Other Hell” – Read & Write notes, questions, reactions on the article. Be prepared to discuss the article. Come up with 3 discussion questions based on the article. 
  2. Goals – Review & reflect on your Sept. goals, then reset and write out your goals until June –  2-3 goals for each Academic, Extra-curricular, Personal. 
  3. Journal – this is the last reading and last entry in the War Consequences Journal. After the Socratic Circle you will be expected to write a proper journal reflecting on all the readings and consequences.
  4. Socratic Circle Discussion – you must have this completed and we will be doing the discussion on FEB. 19/20th 
    1. Here’s a video of a Socratic Circle Discussion. Watch to see the kids discuss –—> Socratic Circle Discussion Example
  5. Lit Circles – prep for project time (Lit Circle #7-8)  in your Lit Circles. If you don’t use your class time well, I will not give you 2 classes to work on your project. So come prepared to work on the project. Your Lit Circle Sheetswill be collected on the project due date
  6. Lit Circle Project – Due Feb. 25/26th 

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