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   Jan 19

ENGLISH 10- 1.4/2.2


  1. Lit Circle for “Everyday Use” – just do the sheet after the one you did. So if you did #2 for “I Am Here Today…” then do #3 for “Everyday Use”. If you were #6, then do #1.
  2. Finish STEAL worksheet for “Everyday Use” – do as much as you can
  3. STEAL characterization pkg – read and do first 2 pages both sides
    1. Direct & Indirect Characterization
  4. Identity Project – Pt.4 – Look ahead to the future – due Thurs/Fri
    1. Obituary option Рhere are a couple of songs for inspiration 
      1. Magic – “How Do You Want to be Remembered”
      2. Beyonce – “I Was Here”

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