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   Dec 19

ENGLISH 11 -1.1/2.4


  1. Essay Book – Read p. 119 – “In the Trenches” – Do Qs Structure 2, 3; Style 2, 4, 5; Discussion #1
  2. Essay Book Journal – You’ll be writing a list for each of the essays we read, so make sure you bring your journal NOTEBOOK to class. I will not be accepting random pieces of paper stapled (or loose) together. 
  3. Lit Circle Groups & Novel – First Lit Circle meeting date: Jan 7/8th – So make sure you know what you’re supposed to read by then and what 1 sheet you’re supposed to have completed. Jacob – get in contact with Amrit, Angelo, or Katrina for Maus; Gurveer & Yael get in contact with Raphael or Shawn for Lord of the Flies. Cristian talk to Ryan, Matthew, or Jonelle for The Things They Carried.
  4. Block 2.4 – for all of you who were away on our last day of 2018, we changed a couple of our Lit Circle dates. Whoops! That’s what happens when you SKIP class!
  5. Sheldon & Yael – you need to see me ASAP regarding your NIGHT test.

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