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   Dec 08

ENGLISH 10 -1.4/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Tues/Wed

  1. LP #23-25 – Lesson 23 Part A-B NOT pt. C; Lesson 24 Part A-C – pt. C- 8-10 sentences; Lesson 25 Part A-C – pt. C- 10-15 sentences. Remember to use and practice writing complex sentences.
  2. Journal #7 – Discuss your family’s expectations of you and how that has and does impact your identity. Pen, double-spaced, 3+ paragraphs (intro, body, conclusion), 200+ or at least 1 page, good discussion. Practice sentence variety.
  3. Self-Evaluations
  4. “Whale Rider” Lit Circle sheets
  5. Rough drafts for project – late

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