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   Mar 16

ENGLISH 8 – 1.4/2.3

HOMEWORK:  Due after Spring Break!

  1. Depending on what you were able to complete in class…
    1. Building Bridges” – Story Qs #1-16
    2. Mama Lil’ & Bebe – A Character Grid for one and a Character Web for the other
    3. Notebook p. 36 – Story Summary Map for “Building Bridges”
    4. Notebook – p. 37 – Outline for either Mama Lil’ OR Bebe – Discuss the character of Mama Lil’ or Bebe.
    5. Notebookp. 38-39 – First Draft of Mama Lil’ OR Bebe paragraph! REMEMBER you MUST use at least 1 QUOTE from the story as evidence.
  2. Do the work in order and it will get easier as you go!
  3. Here are some videos that may help with your writing —> The Writing Process AND Outlining AND Writing Paragraphs 
  4. Enjoy your 2 weeks off!

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