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   Mar 16

ENGLISH 11- 1.3/2.2


  1. Essay outline – choose your essay topic from the 3 options & do the outline.  Make sure you’re using DETAILS – facts, examples, reasons – from the readings/movies. Make sure you note where you got your information for your works cited/citations.  Essay Outline
  2. Write your first draft. Double spaced, pen or typed. We will be editing and holding writer conferences, so make sure you have your outline & draft done AND with you! No excuses!
  3. Here are 2 links to a playlists I have made of a variety of videos off of YouTube.  There are examples of ads, news reports, interviews, funny/comedy sketches, etc. Watch, get ideas, use info.  —>Article link —> Baseball player beats girlfriend AND Gender Issues Video Playlist
  4. And another video playlist for writing resources —> Writing Info Video Playlist 

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