Ms. H. Aulakh

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   Feb 27


Missing Marks Make Up Morning Wednesday 7:30am 

If you want to improve your mark, be here at 7:30am! This is your one chance to make up missed quizzes and tests and/or to hand in late writing assignments.  Be here at 7:30 am – DON’T BE LATE! Make sure you tell me in advance if you’re coming in to write a quiz or a test, so I have it ready.

Gr. 8 –  Maryam,Rajdeep and Keira

Gr. 9 – Allanie, MJ, Rosemary, Francis, Faezel, Kashif, and Partap (Jagnoor)

Gr. 10 – Savina, Princess, Alyssa and Chanpreet

Gr. 11 – Kemuel, Patrick, John, Manjot, Yi Jun, Brandy, Ranj, Ankit, Manav and Nimrat 

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