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   Feb 27

ENGLISH 8 – 1.4/2.3

HOMEWORK: Due next Monday/Tuesday

  1. Interactive Notebook:  Finish p. 27 – Mary Outline – Introduction: TAG it & write a Topic Sentence (TS) AND Conclusion: write 1- 2 sentences to conclude.  Use p. 26 – Paragraph Structure Basics to help you.
  2. Interactive Notebook: Finish p. 28-29 – Topic Sentences practice exercises.  Read the instructions, look at the examples and try your best to complete the questions. 
  3. Missing Marks Make Up Morning Wednesday 7:30amMaryam – LP #2 test & workbook check, Rajdeep and Keira – Narrative Terms Quiz. If you want to improve your mark, be here at 7:30am!

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