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   Feb 20

ENGLISH 8 – 1.4/2.3

HOMEWORK: Due Thurs/Fri

  1. Interactive Notebookp. 26 – 2 pages set up as a flip – Paragraph Structure – read, highlight key info
  2. Interactive Notebookp. 27 – Mary Outline – fill in the middle columns only- 3 topic sentences, note form supporting details.  It is important that you take your time to write strong topic sentences and good supporting details.  Use the character traits & evidence sheet to help you.  You will be writing an in-class paragraph on Mary next week. Block 1.4 – do p. 28 Topic Sentences exercise #1.
  3. Interactive Notebook- WILL BE COLLECTED NEXT WEEK.  Make sure you have your table of contents filled in and a title page and all of your pages in order, numbered, titled, and COMPLETED!


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