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   Feb 20

ENGLISH 10 – 1.1/1.2


  1. Banned books poster DUE! Your goal is to create an eye-catching, engaging poster on the sheet I gave you for a book that you know that has been banned.  You want students to do 2 things: One – stop and look at your poster and Two – learn something, want to know more, and/or wonder.  You must have the title & author of the book you choose.  You must have some sort of visual to make your book look like the book.  And you must include where and when it has been banned.  You DO NOT have to write every single time it was banned and every single place.  Be thoughtful and pick dates and places you think are important or interesting for other students to know.
  2. TKaM – Chp #1-4 and Vocab #1-10 QUIZ.
  3. TKaM – you should have read & done questions up until chp. 7.  Your novel pkg with questions will be collected, so it is best to keep up with the work.
  4. TKaM – Context projects – if you have not presented AND provided me with your project, you MUST do so before class on FRIDAY or you will be receiving a ZERO.  Even though I will be deducting marks for it being SO late, getting some marks for the project is better than getting ZERO marks.

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