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   Feb 06

ENGLISH 9 – 2.1


  1. SLAM POETRY – make sure you bring all of your sheets & notes from last week’s activity.  You will be finishing your group poem and then PERFORMING/SHARING your poems to a couple of other groups.  Attendance will be taken & you will be required to complete a self-assessment at the end.
  2. Romeo & Juliet – start going through your playbook to get familiar with it AND if you want to, feel free to start reading the play or any of the other readings in the playbook.
  3. Shakespeare/R & J – Finish your intro worksheets – word search & word definitions
  4. Here are some helpful links for your study of the play Romeo & Juliet. Check them out & bookmark them so you can use them later. ===> SparkNotes – R & J AND No Fear Shakespeare AND Cliff Notes R& J AND Shmoop R & J AND Thug Notes R & J

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