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   Jan 25

ENGLISH 11- 1.3/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Feb. 5/6th

  1. Writing Pkg – read through all the INTRODUCTION sheets – Hook, Thesis – and highlight, write notes & questions.
  2. INTRODUCTIONS – watch the following videos & write in notes onto the INTRODUCTION sheets in your writing pkg to help you. ===> How to Write a Hook AND Writing an Introduction Tutorial AND HIT Introductions – Tutorial with Examples AND How to Write a Killer Thesis
  3. Essays Handout – read the 2 essays “Barbie & Her Playmates” & “51% Minority” – follow the instructions written for each essay – Do Qs, focus on the introductions & on gender stereotypes & roles – write in notes in the margins, write in TS, Ev., CS, and mark transition words/phrases/sentences. AND make the list on examples of how society trains girls to be women & boys to be men.
  4. We will be picking this up & continuing with this unit after Mid-year week.  Remember we’re practicing/learning writing skills, BUT you are also learning more about gender stereotypes & roles which you will then be writing on. SO pay attention & take notes because you will need to use all of that info for your essay.

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