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   Jan 20

ENGLISH 10 -1.1/1.2

HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday

  1. Start reading TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD
  2. We will be in the Learning Commons on Tues & Thurs so you can gather information for your projects.  I have attached the list of presenters & topics.  Find your name & get started on your research.  Remember, I am asking for a min-movie – mostly visuals, so in addition to the key facts, you need to start gathering pictures & videos on your topic.===> TKaM Social Context 2018 Presenters List
  3. Raman & Sanjey – I was not able to assign you a topic because of the options you chose & because of how you filled in your sheet.  Gabriel R. & Erah – you also need to see me ASAP in order to pick a topic.  Savina, if you’re out there checking this, you need to let me know what topic you want & when you’ll be back.  
  4. TKaM- Social Context Presentations – Due after Experience Week – Mon/Wed. Feb. 5 & 7th.

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