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   Oct 20

ENGLISH 11 – 1.2/2.1

HOMEWORK: Due Tues/Wed

  1.  Watch the following short ads BEFORE you read the story & jot down what the idea/title “lottery” makes you think of/feel — Click here —> Lotto 6/49  AND  BC Lotto 649
  2. p. 43- 53 – “The Lottery”Read, do Qs #3, 5-9 – Any Qs that ask you to work in a group/discuss with partner, do on your own &  then you’ll have a chance to compare with others in class.
  3. Story Notes & Reading Quiz – “The Lottery”
  4. AFTER reading the story & doing the Qs, watch the following short film based on the story — Click here—> The Lottery short movie
  5. Journal #5 – Synthesis – see previous post

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