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   Oct 17

ENGLISH 11 – 1.2/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Tues/Wed

  1. Journal #4 – Multiculturalism –  “Jade Peony” – What struggles might some immigrants face when trying to balance their cultural heritage with their new nationality and/or culture?  Canada is known for being “multicultural”.  Considering the information in the article, what is your opinion on the state of multiculturalism in Canada?  Is there true diversity or a diversity of “isolated islands”?  Explain.
  2. Identity Poems sheet
  3. Presentations #1-3 – RASLEEN & MIKAELLA – you have deserted your group – aka Christian – to do all of the presentation on his own!  You MUST come to my room TOMORROW (Tues) at LUNCH – 12 pm to figure out what’s going on because you’re presenting on WEDNESDAY! Email me if you have issues.  I won’t be in my class until 12pm, but you can discuss outside my room until I arrive. I also need handouts from all groups so I can photocopy them.

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