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   Mar 10

ENGLISH 8 – 1.2/2.3

HOMEWORK: Due Thurs/Fri

  1. Notebook: p. 20Literary Paragraph Outline
    1. Choose your top 3 traits for Geraldine (you want traits that have strong evidence AND that show a variety of traits and evidence)
    2. Decide the order of your points – from good to best point – P1 – good; P2- better; P3 – best point. 
    3. Fill in the 3 P & E’s in your literary paragraph outline (points & evidence). You DO NOT need to fill in the introduction or the conclusion. You are ONLY filling in the “PEE on it”  – 3 points and the 3 evidence parts. IF you feel confident, you can fill in the Explanation part.
  2.  For example: Do not copy my example!
    1. Geraldine is mature/independent. (Point 1)
    2. She tries her best to take care of herself. For example, she walks to and from school herself. She tries to help her family by watching “Mrs. Watson’s dog which she minded two days a week for a dollar” (104). She also thinks about their finances. “She sat at her desk adding up a column of figures” (105). (Evidence 1)

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