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   Mar 03

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3


  1. The Veldt” – 
    1. I will be collecting the plot graph
    2. SETTING worksheet – Some of you did not do a good job on your setting sheet – your answers were simple, too short, or incomplete. I made it clear in class and on the blog – that sheet was similar to a test!! I am evaluating your knowledge and understanding of setting and it’s impact on the characters, etc. 
  2. Watch the video & read over the lyrics. You will be writing a journal comparing the song lyrics & video to the story.
    1. Deadmaus – “The Veldt”
  3. Here are videos to clarify IRONY and ALLUSION
    1. Ted Ed: What is Verbal Irony?
    2. Ted Ed: In on a Secret? Dramatic Irony
    3. Ted Ed: Situational Irony: The opposite of what is expected
    4. Allusions in Pop Songs

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