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   Mar 03

ENGLISH 10 – 2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Thurs  

  1. LPN – #11 – “I Am poem” – Try to write a poem where you compare yourself to something else – metaphor. Express parts of your identity through this metaphor (ex. I am a river)
    1. Write an extended metaphor
    2. Min. 10 lines long
    3. Include – 2 similes, 1 ex. of personification, and 1 example of hyperbole
  2. Terms Quiz #1
    1. Review your narrative & literary terms (you got the sheets back in Sept.)
    2. Watch the videos to help –
      1. Short Story Terms Explained
      2. Narrative Devices in Pop Culture
  3. Identity Chart Sheet
    1. Fill in the brainstorm sharing different elements of your identity
    2. You need to have a minimum of 30 ideas
  4. Compassion Presentation for Mr. Hamar’s Class
    1. BRING your clay object
    2. Prepare some simple notes – describe your clay object & how it connects to the book, what is compassion, what you’ve learned about compassion (from the book/move AND THEM)

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