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   Jan 29

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3

HOMEWORK: Due Monday

  1. Tech articles – finish filling in the last sheet – Advantage (pros) & disadvantages (cons) of modern tech
  2. Notebook: p. 46Journal #1: Tech pros & cons
    1. In paragraph form (topic sentence, PEE on it, transitions), double-spaced, in pen, titled
    2. Considering the articles and the videos below, discuss whether modern technology (internet, smart phones, etc.) provide society with more advantages (pros) or more disadvantages (cons). Make sure you are providing examples, reasons, and explanations for your ideas. Use the info from the articles and the following videos to help.
    3. Watch some or all of the following TEDTalk videos to get more insight into the impact of modern tech on our lives:
      1. Why our screens make us less happy
      2. Cell Phones, Dopamine, and Development
      3. Cell Phone Addiction
      4. What you are missing while being a digital zombie
      5. What you need to know about internet addiction
      6. Empowering Kids to Rise Above Technology Addiction

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