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   Jan 27

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3

HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday

  1.  Notebook: p. 45
    1. Short Stories title page – pen, coloured, something clear, clean, and simple to indicate that we’re starting a new section in your notebooks
  2. Technology & Youth articles pkg – In pairs –¬†
    1. Use your writing skills when you read – You know where a thesis should be, topic sentences & evidence. This will help you focus & understand what you’re reading.¬†
    2. Read & highlight for your 1-2 articles – practice comprehension & determining importance skills
    3. Write notes, summaries, questions into margins as you read – practice comprehension, summarizing, and responding skills
    4. Agree & disagree and WHY -with info in the articles as you read – practice critical thinking skills
  3. Be prepared to summarize your article(s) and to discuss your opinions on the ideas in the article(s)

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