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   Jan 20

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3


  1. LP #56, 59 & 62 (Punctuation)
  2. Find & bring your writing self-evaluation sheet that you did back in Sept.
  3. Journal #5: Critical Thinking
    1. Final, good copy due Friday
    2. Typed, MLA
    3. Quick Scale: Gr. 9 Writing Personal Views or Responses -Self-Assessment attached to the TOP:
      1. For each category (Meaning, Style, Form, Conventions) use a highlighter or pen to mark and evaluate your essay; Yes, you can mark different parts within a category (Meaning – applying & developing); then create a final column “WHY” and write a few notes for each category as to WHY you gave yourself that assessment.
      2. At the bottom of the page, write out the following: What I am proud of & did well… AND What I know I still need to work on…. BE clear & specific. Based on this unit and this last essay, what is something you know you’ve learned and what is something that you still need to learn/improve.

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