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   Jan 07

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3


  1. LP – Unit #2 Test Friday & workbook collect
  2. Critical Thinking essay
    1. Gather a variety of evidence (examples, reasons, facts) for EACH of your points
    2. Use the handouts, notebook brainstorm, and clips that we did back in December and come up with others
  3. Oona, Stephanie N., Sam, Maya, Jezreel, Manpreet, Tyrone, Fender, Eshean, Harman, Jajbaat, and Rajan: You will ALL be staying for a tutorial after class on Wed. on how to write a thesis statement. You are REQUIRED to stay after school, so let your parents, coaches, etc. know now that you will be here until 3:45-4pm depending on how quickly you learn how to do it.

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