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   Dec 20

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3

HOMEWORK: Due Monday, Jan. 6th

  1. Here’s a video connected to our discussion on Critical Thinking Ted Talk: How Can We Protect Truth in this Era of Misinformation?
  2. LP – Finish Unit #2
    1. Finish the last few lessons: Fragments, run-ons, comma splice
      1. TED Ed: Comma Story  – How to use commas
      2. Sentence Errors: Fragments & Run-ons
    2. Do the review in the 2 step format so you can figure out what you know and don’t know
      1. Subjects & Predicates
      2. Independent & Dependent Clauses
      3. Adjective & Adverb Clauses
      4. Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences
      5. Compound Sentences
    3. Uni t#2 Test – Jan. 10th
  3. Book Review – use  Canva & make a 8.5 x 11 poster for a book. Look back at your reading log to see what you read & choose a book that you read this term that you really enjoyed. The OBJECTIVE of this poster is to…
    1. ATTRACT an audience/ENGAGE people to look at it
    2. Provide INFORMATION about the book so they have an idea about what it’s about (Title, author, basic plot, interesting elements like setting, character, conflict, etc.)
    3. CONVINCE the audience who stopped to read your poster to READ the book
  4. GOALS writing – 3 paragraphs DOUBLE SPACED, in PEN or TYPED
    1. Paragraph # 1– Reflect on term 1 and your Sept goals
      1. What did you and did you not accomplish & why
      2. How does that make you feel
    2. Paragraph #2 – Look to term 2
      1. 9 goals total – what are your 3 academic, 3 extra-curricular, and 3 personal goals for term 2
      2. Explain WHY for EACH goal
    3. Paragraph #3 – Make your own sunshine; be your own cheerleader
      1. write a message of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to yourself to accomplish your goals

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