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   Dec 17

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3


  1. LP – finish all Unit #2 lessons. Remember to do the REVIEW pages step by step so you can figure out what you know and what you don’t know. That way, you can study smarter & not harder.
  2. LP Unit #2 Test – Friday, Jan. 1oth.
  3. Critical Thinking & Media worksheet: watch the following videos/links and add to your worksheet.The full article is below and there are several links within the  article that would be useful to watch
    1. CBC New: U.S. Military Spending Millions – Q:3 pt.ii – Why does the military care & why should we all care? 
    2. Quiz: Can you Spot the Real Fake News?
    3. Quiz: 2 Fakes & 1 Real News
    4. Article: Military Fighting Fake Images
    5. The Fifth Estate: The Deepfake – optional
  4. Notebook: p. 38 – Journal #5 Brainstorm – ADD to “reasons why critical thinking is important” write in examples & reasons. This will REALLY help with your essay.

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