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   Dec 12

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3

HOMEWORK: Due Friday

  1. LP #25
  2. Quiz – Simple, Compound, Complex, CP-CX 
  3. Values Pkg: Critical Thinking – 
    1. Read & HIGHLIGHT all – Q: 31, 32, 34 
    2. Do the activity Qs within each reading
  4. Critical Thinking Brainstorm Sheet
    1. Watch (at least 2) the following videos and read the sheets in the package
    2. Fill in the brainstorms with whatever info you can think of
    3. Be prepared to present and share your brainstorm ideas
  5. Critical Thinking Videos:
    1. TedEd: 5 Tips to Improve Critical Thinking
    2. What is Critical Thinking and Why is it so important?
    3. What is Critical Thinking?
    4. 7 Reasons Why Critical Thinking is Important
    5. Intro to Critical Thinking – Longer & more complex ideas

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