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   Sep 19

ENGLISH 10 -1.4/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Mon/Tues

  1. Review the writing handouts I gave you for your 3 paragraph journal response.
  2. In a notebook – double spaced- do Journal #1: What is personal identity?  What are your top 5 identifiers & why?
    1. Identifiers = ways you identify yourself: age, religion, gender, culture, job, personality, physical appearance, social circle, family, heritage, interests, strengths, etc.
    2. Writing Structure: Paragraph 1: Discuss personal identity. Paragraph 2: discuss your 5 identifiers & why they’re important to who you are. Paragraph 3: Conclusion
    3. Here are some videos to help.  You might need to pause and/or watch them a couple of times because they are asking some big life questions and are pretty deep.  We will be discussing the ideas in class. Click here to watch —->Who Am I? AND  TED Ed “Who Am I?” AND Mind: Personal Identity AND Who Are You? 
  3. Start to review the narrative terms handout.  Look back to the sheet you did before- know, don’t know, etc. Start with the terms you don’t know.




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