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   Nov 28

ENGLISH 9 – 2.1


  1.  Canned Food Drive DonationsFollow your values of being kind, compassionate, generous, etc. and bring in donations to help those who need some food in their empty tummies!
  2. LP #20, 21, 22 – Complex & Compound Sentences
  3. Notebook: Journal #5 – p. 36-37 – 2nd Draft – Critical Thinking – Rewrite and revise your journal with special consideration of your sentence variety and structure.  You should try to have a good variety of sentences: Simple, Compound (FANBOYS), and Complex (that, which, who, whom, before, after, until, when, since, although, because, if, by, etc.) and maybe even some inverted sentences?  Don’t forget to USE COMMAS properly!

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