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   Nov 22

ENGLISH 11 – 1.3/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Friday/Monday

  1. “Behind the Headlines” p. 137  – Qs– #3-9 (#6 – don’t do the character sketch)
  2. Narrative Presentations: Conflict, POV, Other techniques: Satire, Irony, Imagery, Personification, Simile, Metaphor.  Be prepared to present on Tues/Wed.  Block 1.3 – Only 1 group has talked to me!! If you haven’t talked to me yet, you MUST asap.  And all groups – You need to see me on Monday to give me your handout to photocopy.
  3. Here are some videos that can help with your presentations.  Click here ===> Conflict in LiteratureConflict #1 Conflict using Lion KingPOV explainedDramatic IronyVerbal IronySituational IronyFigurative Language in Literature

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