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   Nov 22

ENGLISH 10 – 1.1/1.2


  1. Everyday Use” – Prep for reading Quiz, finish the story Qs AND fill in the Characterization worksheet (try to pull a variety of examples from THROUGHOUT the story not just one part). The worksheet will be collected.
  2. Journal #7Family & Identity – Using the multi-paragraph structure handout, discuss how your family has had and continues to have an impact on your identity.  You need to provide specific examples about specific members of your family – ex. grandma, eldest sister, dad, etc. and what/how they have influenced who YOU are as a person. 
  3. Identity Project – start on Part 3: Looking Back to the Past – What Qs do you have?  What topic do you want to do?  Start to brainstorm ideas. Rough copy for Part 3 will be due on Monday.

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