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   Nov 14

ENGLISH 9 – 2.1


  1. Notebook – will be collected. Make sure you’ve updated the Table of Contents, completed the Journals & worksheets, and glued in all the sheets.
  2. In-class Writing Test – Topic: Discuss your top 3 values. Here’s a link of common core values for you to consider— click here —> List of Core ValuesRemember you already wrote on this topic for Journal #1.  You can use those ideas, but make the writing and discussion better!
  3. Preparation for the In-Class Writing Test –-Use the Journal Response Outline I gave you to prepare NOTES ONLY for the in-class write.  Go through all the work we’ve done to ensure you understand all the elements of a good 3 paragraph essay.  Review the Writing Rubric I gave you and the Peer Editing Checklist, so you know what I will be looking for in your essay. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, prepare the Journal Response Outline with notes of what you want to write about, the order of your points, examples & evidence you want to use and any other info/notes to help you.  You don’t want to get stuck trying to think of good ideas; you want to use the time to show me how well you know how to use the writing structure we’ve been working on.

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