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   Nov 14

ENGLISH 11 – 1.3/2.2


  1. Satire – 2nd draft – add, delete, improve your ideas.  Type it & print it off.
  2. Journal #5 – – “Totem” – Satire – What is Thomas King satirizing in the story “Totem”?  Are his criticisms valid or fair?  Explain your opinion.  King is discussing issues of stereotyping and race, is satire an appropriate way to discuss such sensitive subjects?  Why or why not?  
  3. Additional Readings – “Lament for Confederation” & “Graffiti” & “Apology Day” – read, highlight, make notes AND DO the Qs!  Be prepared to discuss and analyze the readings next class in your small groups.  This will be in preparation for a full class discussion activity on Mon/Tues. of next week.
  4. Chief Dan George Speech –1967 Speech Video – CBC Archival Video
  5. Apology & Forgiveness: Is it possible? Is it enough?  — Click here –> Cdn Gov’t apology for Japanese Internment –1988 AND  Canadian Gov’t apology for Residential Schools 2008 AND Cdn Gov’t apology for Komagata Maru Incident 2016
  6. Compare & Contrast Essay redos/make-up – FRIDAY. LUNCH. Bring paper & a pen & your Outlines!!
  7. Shyla P. come see me ASAP!

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